Client Reviews

Marcia and Gib Romaine-Purchase

We would not have our home on Green Ridge Dr if not for Alan Fishman. He guided us through writing the contract with ideas we'd never entertained before. He suggested offering more than the asking price which was foreign to us and against what we'd done before. Plus, he suggested including a clause that said we'd go up in price by certain increments if there were others wishing to by the house: another foreign idea to us. But he gently led us along and I'm convinced we would not have this house without his expertise and guidance."

Marcia and Gib Romaine-Sale

" Alan is "top notch" and worked tirelessly in getting our house sold. He never gave up in a market that had down turned! He didn't let us give up either. During the 4 months that our house was unsold, he listened to our discouraged souls and offer ideas and always told us he'd do whatever made us happy when my thoughts often were to give up and rent it or move back into it and sell our new house instead. Had he not held that last Open House, our house would not have been sold."

Mary Ryan-Sale

"Alan Fishman did a fantastic job in the listing and sale of my home. He recommended affordable and qualified contractors to make the necessary renovations to stage my home. He was very responsive and went above and beyond my expectations in getting my house sold in 6 days. I would recommend him highly."

The Shelley's-Sale

"Alan was terrific! My parents were selling their house and needed a little extra assistance throughout the listing/selling process. Alan ensured that everything required was completed to our satisfaction; he kept us well informed. I would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."
~Cathy Eller-Daughter

"Estate sales agent did not clean out the house but Alan stepped in and arranged cleaning & handling all repairs. Excellent job!"
~Harold Shelley

Paul Testerman-Purchase

"Alan is very patient and pleasant"